Norwood Architecture, Inc. is a forensic architecture and consulting firm with extensive experience in a wide variety of building and project types.  Our background in the building code, decades of experience, and a track record in deposition and trial testimony provides our clients with the critical technical support necessary when construction and design issues arise.

Our services include:

The President of the firm, Steve Norwood, AIA is licensed as an Architect in Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Minnesota, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.  The firm has been retained on the behalf of Architects, Engineers, Owners, General Contractors, and Specialty Subcontractors among others.  Past projects have included residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial projects from single family homes to high rise office and condominium towers.  Many of these projects have been located in challenging climates including coastal, arid, humid, cold, and high altitude environments which each bring unique design and construction challenges.

Mr. Norwood has provided expert witness testimony or consulting services on issues of architect standard of care, contractor performance, entitlement for additional cost and time, construction administration, contract interpretation, applications for payment, allowable costs, differing site conditions, water intrusion, soil movement, drainage, fire resistive assemblies, decks, plazas, ice dams, store fronts, curtain walls, windows , roofing,  building code, energy code, acoustical assemblies, disabled access, water leaks, and the requirements of contract documents including general conditions, supplementary conditions, construction drawings, and specifications among other issues.

Among its services, the firm evaluates water leaks at doors, windows, roofs, decks and exterior walls.  The firm’s in depth knowledge of building materials and assemblies including windows, doors, roofing, siding, stucco, stone, brick, metal panels, GFRC panels, trim, and flashing provides the basis for solutions to water leaks and water damage.  The investigative services provided by the firm can utilize spray rack water testing, thermography, and/or moisture meters.  This extensive background provides the firm’s clients unique technical support in the resolution of design and construction issues.

In addition to building envelope water intrusion issues, the firm has extensive experience in the evaluation and repair of fire resistive assemblies including a knowledge of fire testing, listed assemblies, and relevant building and fire code requirements.