Architect Standard of Care and Certificate of Merit

The firm provides Architect Standard of Care consulting services on the behalf of a wide variety of clients including Architects, Engineers, Owners, General Contractors, and Specialty Subcontractors among others.

Mr. Norwood has testified or consulted on architectural performance issues including design errors and omissions, construction administration, entitlement analysis, value engineering, design build project delivery, and contract interpretation. Our services include entitlement analysis including impact analysis of design errors, and determination of value added and non-value added costs associated with design issues.  Mr. Norwood has presented in multiple mediation settings and has testified in deposition, arbitration, or court proceedings regarding the Architect’s Standard of Care in Colorado, Texas, Arizona and California.

Analysis of a project design’s conformance to the requirements of the international building codes, the NFPA life safety code, the energy code, and the disabled access requirements of the ADA.  The firm can provide an analysis of the relationships and obligations of the Architect and its design team in the preparation of construction documents, and the performance of construction administration. Issues have included copyright infringement, conflicts between and within the Architect’s construction documents, conflicts between the Architect’s construction drawings and the specifications, and modifications of an Architect’s designs by others, including the substitutions of alternative materials or designs.  Analysis can include an assessment of the requirements within individual States for the engagement of a licensed design professional.

Mr. Norwood has testified or consulted on matters of contract interpretation including the requirements of standard agreements including AIA A101 Owner-Contractor Agreement, A201 General Conditions, Supplementary conditions and the obligations under the standard AIA B141 agreement and their derivatives.  In addition, areas of analysis have included shop drawings, samples, product data, architect supplemental instructions, requests for information, submittal review and approval, payment applications, certificates of substantial and final completion, and substitutions.

Mr. Norwood is a licensed Architect in Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Minnesota, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.