Expert Witness Testimony

Mr. Norwood has testified on a wide range of design and construction issues from the perspective of an Architect.  He has a track record of translating the language of design and construction to Mediators, Arbiters, Judges and Juries.  Mr. Norwood has testified in both court and arbitration settings, and has been deposed or testified in over fifty cases.  His testimony is often accompanied by presentations using three dimensional color graphics to convey technical issues, and their repair.

Testimony has included issues of  design errors and omissions, construction defects, scope of work, substitutions, building envelopes, building code conformance, fire resistive assemblies, ice and snow shedding from roofs, construction administration, entitlement for cost and time, value engineering, design build project delivery, and contract interpretation.  He has been retained on the behalf of Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Sub Contractors, and Owners.  Project types have included single family homes, town homes, condominiums, mid rise, high rise, commercial, school, correctional, and institutional buildings.

Mr. Norwood has testified on matters of contract interpretation including the requirements of  AIA A101 Owner-Contractor Agreements, A201 General Conditions, Supplementary conditions, AIA B141 agreements, and their derivatives.  Fire resistive subjects have included fire testing, fire walls, allowable areas, construction type, combustibility, ASTM E119, membrane penetrations, fire stopping, fire dampers, fire barriers, draft stops, fire blocking, smoke barriers, and shaft wall assemblies.  Building envelope subjects have included  stucco including the requirements of ASTM 1063, window testing, sealant, hybrid-stucco systems, acrylic finish coats, windows, EIFS, roofs, ventilation, insulation, deck and balcony waterproofing, siding, stone veneer, brick veneer, cellulose insulation, flashing.  Other subjects have included expansive soils, foundation drainage, acoustical performance, water damage, site grading, and fire sprinkler systems.

Mr. Norwood has testified in deposition or court proceedings in Colorado, Texas, Arizona and California and is a licensed Architect in Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Minnesota, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.