Fire Resistive Assembly Investigation

The firm has extensive experience in the evaluation and analysis of building code requirements for passive fire resistive assemblies including, but not limited to, separation walls, floor-ceiling and roof-ceiling fire resistive assemblies. Our unique architectural background allows us to provide investigative and analytical services to determine if fire resistive assemblies were designed and/or constructed in conformance with the requirements of the Building Code and/or in accordance with the Construction Documents.

Steve Norwood, AIA has been directly involved in the building code development process, sitting on the ICC Fire Safety Committee.  The Fire Safety Committee is part of the code development process regarding the requirements for fire resistive assemblies,  Steve has also presented seminars on fire resistive assemblies to Building Officials and Fire Marshal personnel.  The scope of our technical analysis can include fire wall assemblies, fire barriers, fire dampers, smoke dampers, smoke barriers, fire doors, fire sprinklers, shafts, and curtain walls among others.