Steve Norwood, Curriculum Vitae (CV)

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Licensed Architect in California #21714; Colorado #305481; Texas #19591; Hawaii #12141; Arizona #45098; Idaho #984707; Washington #10186; Wyoming #C-2685; Utah #366752-0301; Minnesota #52484


Bachelor of Arts, Major in Architecture, University of California at Berkeley, 1986.

Professional Affiliations

American Institute of Architects; National Fire Protection Association; American Society of Civil Engineers;  International Code Council – ICC.


Mr. Norwood has thirty years of design, consulting, and management experience on a wide range of building and project types.  Mr. Norwood has consulted on the behalf of contractors, homeowners, subcontractors, developers, homeowner associations, architects, engineers, and others.  Mr. Norwood has served as a neutral architect as part of the dispute resolution process.

Mr. Norwood has provided consulting and/or expert witness testimony for mediation, arbitration, and trial settings.  His experience includes architectural and construction related issues such as code compliance, product manufacturer’s requirements, schedule delay, design errors, design changes, incomplete work, contract interpretation, and allowable costs, among others.  His past work has involved architectural standard of care, fire resistive and smoke control assemblies, as well as building envelope issues.  These building envelope issues have included brick veneers, EIFS, stucco, sealants, concrete block, flashing, windows, roofing and siding.

In August of 2007, Mr. Norwood established Norwood Architecture, Inc. to provide architectural consulting including expert witness testimony, forensic consulting, and repair design.  As principal, Mr. Norwood has testified in deposition and at trial on matters involving construction and design issues.  He has also presented his opinions and findings at numerous mediation sessions including the ‘Plan B’ mediation process.  Norwood Architecture, Inc. has prepared construction repair drawings for multiple projects including designs conveyed in innovative three dimensional detailing.   Mr. Norwood has consulted on projects ranging from $250 million projects to single family homes.

The clients of Norwood Architecture have included General Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Architects, Engineers, Home Owner Associations, Developers, School Districts, Financing Companies, and County Governments among others.

From January of 2003 through August 2007, Mr. Norwood helped establish and then manage the Colorado office of Ian Mackinlay Architecture, Inc. (IMA).  While at IMA, Mr. Norwood testified as an expert witness and provided consulting services on a variety of projects in Colorado and California.  Forensic services included field investigations, destructive testing of building assemblies for issues of building envelope performance, and investigation of fire resistive assembly code conformance.  Mr. Norwood testified in cases that involved building code, design defects, construction defects, contract interpretation, project costs, and contractor performance issues.  While at IMA, Mr. Norwood helped start the AIA Colorado code committee.

From September 2000 through December 2002, Mr. Norwood was the founder and President of Norwood Construction Consulting, Inc. (NCC), a firm that provided owner representation, consulting, remedial design, and forensic services.  While the President of NCC, Mr. Norwood testified on issues of project delay, project costs, construction deficiencies, and architectural standard of care among other issues.

From 1996 through 2000, Mr. Norwood was employed by O’Brien-Kreitzberg (URS) in both San Francisco, California and in Denver, Colorado.  Mr. Norwood worked as both a senior project manager and as a forensic architect.  Projects included the analysis and management of large project claims.  Mr. Norwood’s work included the entitlement analysis for change order and extra cost claims.  Mr. Norwood’s program management responsibilities included schedule and cost control, quality control, and the selection and retention of the design and construction team.

From 1993 to 1996, Mr. Norwood worked for High-Point Rendel as a senior architect responsible for the analysis of claims including design and construction defects as well as repair design.  Project types included commercial projects, school projects, and residential projects.  Responsibilities included contract preparation, specification writing, and cost estimates.  Owner representative services included the selection of project delivery method, due diligence reviews, and the selection of design and construction teams.

From 1990 to 1993, Mr. Norwood worked at a project architect for a San Francisco property management and development company, The Shorenstein Company.  He was involved in all stages of design and construction administration of retail and office tenant improvements.  His responsibilities included the code review of projects and he performed a code liaison role with the City of San Francisco.

Mr. Norwood’s work as an architect with the Shorenstein Company included the coordination of the design process with the firm’s in-house construction unit including the management of project cost and schedule.

From 1986 to 1990, Mr. Norwood began as a draftsman with the firm of Krommenhoek/Mckeown and Associates (KMA) and left the firm in 1990 as a Project Architect.  While at KMA, Mr. Norwood was involved in commercial and residential projects including the Great American Savings and Loan Tower in downtown San Diego.  While at KMA, Mr. Norwood was involved in programming, schematic design, design development, and construction documents on a wide variety of projects.